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Quota Setting

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Setting Challenges with Mid-Plan Changes

There are times when a current Eligible Employee changes plans or roles and one plan is stopped and another plan is started. The new Manager of Eligible Employee must set challenges for the remaining plan period that bridge to a minimum full plan period target incentive (normally 15%) when both plans are taken into account. For example, if the employee was offered 15% Target Incentive in challenge opportunities during the first plan, no additional Target Incentive is required to be offered under the new plan. In this case, if the new Manager of Eligible Employee intends to offer additional challenges, he or she must consider it as an over-offer and receive Second Line Manager approval.

The following model gives guidance to the new Manager of Eligible Employee for determining the percentage of Target Incentive remaining to be offered under a new plan.


This uses a 6-month plan example with a transition after 3 months. To use it, the "new" Manager of Eligible Employee would have consulted the "first" Manager of Eligible Employee and/or the Incentive Analyst to determine the historical data to enter.

What was the full-plan Target Incentive for all incentives elements for this Eligible Employee under the first plan?


What was the Target Incentive % for challenges portion of the first plan?


If the Eligible Employee had stayed on the plan for the full 6 months, what would the challenge Target Incentive dollars have been? (Full Target Incentive amount times challenge Target Incentive %)


As a % of the full-plan period, how many months was the Eligible Employee on the first plan?

3 months or 50%

Based on this percentage (from months on plan), what are the pro-rated challenge Target Incentive dollars associated with the first plan?


What is the Target Incentive for all incentives elements for this Eligible Employee under the new plan (pro-rated based on number of months left in the plan period)?


What is the Target Incentive% for challenges under the new plan?


What are the pro-rated challenge dollars for the new plan? (Pro-rated Target Incentive amount for all elements times challenge Target Incentive %)


What is the sum of the pro-rated challenge dollars to be offered from the first plan and


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