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Software para conexões de rede da Intel

Seminário: Software para conexões de rede da Intel. Pesquise 800.000+ trabalhos acadêmicos

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Intel(R) Network Connections Software Version 18.5 Release Notes


July 16, 2013

This release includes software and drivers for Intel(R) PRO/100,

Intel(R) Gigabit, and Intel(R) 10GbE network adapters and integrated

network connections.



- What's New in This Release

- Operating System Support

- Installing Drivers and Intel(R) PROSet for Windows* Device Manager

- User Guides

- Intel Fiber Optic Adapters

- Saving and Restoring Adapter Settings in Microsoft Windows operating systems

- Teaming Notes

- Jumbo Frames

- Power Management and System Wake

- Microsoft* Windows* 8.1 and Windows Server* 2012 R2 Notes

- Microsoft* Windows* 8 and Windows Server* 2012 Notes

- Microsoft* Windows* 7 and Windows Server* 2008 R2 Notes

- Novell* NetWare* Notes

- Intel(R) 82562V and 82562GT 10/100 Network Connection Notes

- Intel(R) 10GbE Network Adapter Notes

- Quad Port Server Adapter Notes

- Known Issues

- Customer Support

What's New in This Release


- Support for Microsoft Windows 8.1

- Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

- Support for the Intel(R) Ethernet OCP Server Adapter X520-2

- Support for the Intel(R) Ethernet OCP Server Adapter X520-1

- Removed driver and software support for Microsoft Windows Vista*

- Removed driver and software support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R1

- Removed Microsoft Windows driver and software support for Itanium-based systems

Operating System Support


The most recent software and drivers for unsupported operating systems

can be found on the Intel Customer Support website at

Some older Intel(R) Ethernet Adapters do not have full software support for

the most recent versions of Microsoft Windows*. Many older Intel Ethernet

Adapters have base drivers supplied by Microsoft Windows. Lists of supported

devices per OS are available at:

Installing Drivers and Intel(R) PROSet for Windows* Device Manager


You must have administrator rights to install or use Intel PROSet for

Windows Device Manager. Intel recommends the following procedure for installing


1) Cancel any Found New Hardware Wizard screens that open.

2) Start the autorun located on the CD or in your download directory.

3) Click "Install Drivers and Software" and follow the instructions in the

install wizard.

Intel(R) PROSet functionality is integrated with the Windows Device

Manager. To configure Intel(R) Ethernet Adapters and Controllers,

open the Windows Device Manager. Do not open adapter, team, or VLAN

properties from the network control panel as you may be prompted to

reboot your system.

You must upgrade PROSet when upgrading drivers. Failure to do so will

result in instability and missing tabs in Windows Device Manager.

For software and driver versions prior to Release 16.2, if you have Fibre Channel

over Ethernet (FCoE) boot enabled on any devices in the system, you will not be

able to upgrade your drivers. You must disable FCoE boot before upgrading your

ethernet drivers. This issue is resolved in Release 16.2 and beyond.

Intel PROSet for Windows* Device Manager is not supported on the

following devices


* Intel(R) 82552 10/100 Network Connection

* Intel(R) 82567V-3 Gigabit Network Connection

Intel PROSet fails to install


A possible cause could be the Windows Modules Installer service is disabled.

The installer for Intel PROSet requires this service. You can enable this

service from the Administrative Tools -> Component Services control panel.

User Guides


Several user guides for Intel Network Connections


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