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Essay Censorship And Freedom Of Speech

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Censorship and Freedom of Speech

Advanced Level

July, 11th 2014

In the contemporary scene, much has been talked about the role that the means of communication should exert in today’s societies. Some of the countries like Brazil, which have already experienced some thorns through a dictatorial governments and realized the scars that the censoring process brought, not only for artists and journalists, who had to be silent about the process, but for its society, that sees itself be diminished by basics rights. It is almost certain, in the meantime, that the mass-media can appeal to the banality and vulgarity to serve the biggest interests of capital. But in some cases, we have to consider some points such as indicative classification. It can not be confused with censure, because it is a way to maintain humans rights protection and in much of the time the lack of indicative classification can expose children to inappropriate scenes. Hence, a discussion about censorship and freedom of speech is really important and necessary to clarify the difference between censorship of important informations and censorship of inappropriate contents.

The first necessary thing to be considered is understanding that the means of communication are already being controlled. The journalistic indifference is a true myth, because actually there is a kind of favoritism to choose what should be linked in printed newspapers and on television, for instance. Whereas these communication structures, can serve some interests of the population, but in the majorities of the times, attend to individual interests of who created them and as result, it can move sums of money. It is also important to assert that some factors such as the profit that comes from the sale of copies are decisive. In this way, think about freedom without any restriction is ignore the fact that we live in a capitalist world surrounded by personal, political and economic interests.

In the meantime, we should avoid any extreme conspiracy theory, for example, some of conspiracies like to defend those who say that the means of communication can mold completely and incisively the minds of their consumers. In many countries, inadequate control of products for certain ages becomes very difficult because some subjects such as sex and violence have attracted the attention of television viewers more than other issues. Therefore, products with these contents are displayed frequently and it trivialize them. For this, is important to have an non-governmental instituition to restrict some inappropriate contents, but without censor them entirely. This kind of instituition could make available to the population all your research and conclusions, avoiding any possible government censorship, but valuing the well being of society.

In other hand, it is worth reaffirming that discussion in contemporary times, once the means of communication and the new technology applied today are completely different from those created a few years ago. Nowadays, the internet is exerting a great power of expression for those who use it to expose ideas and opinions. Currently, the individuals blogs have received a great credibility to assert the citizen as being active in the development of information, acting somewhat like receiver and producer. Sometimes, the freedom offered to users of blogs and the lack of restrictions can cause some misunderstandings contents,


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