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Ensaios: PLASTICS MATERIALS AND PROCESSES A Concise Encyclopedia. Pesquise 787.000+ trabalhos acadêmicos

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Plastics Materials and Processes: A Concise Encylopedia defines the important

concepts of the plastics industry in a single-volume encyclopedia. Materials,

processes, properties, test methods, and other information that is used commonly

throughout the industry are defined without great involvement in detail and in a

manner that is straightforward and efficient. This book is aimed at meeting the

needs of general managers, executives, purchasing and manufacturing personnel,

supervisors, engineers, students, and all others that are working in the field of plastics

or have interest in these important materials. It is expected that in today’s robust

working environment the time burdens on these individuals are greater than ever.

When this limited time frame is coupled with the universe of exploding polymer

technology, the resulting pressures may make it difficult to maintain an overall

grasp of the information required to efficiently perform.

The selection of information provided in this book has been made with a view

toward giving the reader an efficient, intelligent overall insight without having to

wade through voluminous texts or handbooks in specific areas. It is not the purpose

of the book to provide an exhaustive treatise on any subject, as it is assumed that

the reader will consult more comprehensive and detailed texts, journals, and even

the producers of materials and processing equipment for such specific and indepth

information. However, this book should make the journey to acquire such

information easier and more efficient.

As the goal of this book is to provide a sourcebook of practical information for

all ranges of interest, its organization is aimed primarily at reader convenience. The

main body, therefore, consists of a concise encyclopedia of knowledge useful in

today’s plastics industry. It contains an extensive array of materials information and

property and performance data presented in an alphabetical format. In addition, it

presents all-important application guidelines, process method trade-offs, and design,

finishing, and performance criteria. It also summarizes chemical, structural, and

other basic polymer considerations.

This main body of information is preceded by a brief introduction to polymers and

plastics that may be used to provide the reader with a “glue” to hold the individual


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