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Toothbrush Analysis - OralB

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Professor Adedokun

Pratyush Bhattacharjee, Clarice Barros, Sean Liu, Nanami Hokama


        We analyzed Oral B battery power toothbrush. The body is blue and white. It has brush on top and the color of the brush is yellow, green and blue. The head moves with motor and reach deep between teeth to clean well.

                                  [pic 1]                  [pic 2]               [pic 3][pic 4]

                                 Part A: Motorhead             Part B: Switch               Part C: Body

                                               [pic 5]                    [pic 6]

Whole Toothbrush                  Part D: Battery               Part E: Battery cover / Base        

The product could be improved. They could change the shape of battery cover so that the toothbrush can stand. Also, the head should come off more easily for future replacement. More padding would help people who have larger hands to hold it easily. Moreover, they could print more interesting pattern on the body. It will attract wider generations. In twenty years from now, there might be other way to brush teeth such as electronic mouth guard which you can just put in your mouth and it will automatically brush teeth. There might be integrated wireless charging for all electrical portable devices so we can use to charge even toothbrush. We were able to put the parts back together without any damage to the product. We think our team worked efficiently. We discussed together and listened to each other’s opinion. Out team’s strengths are very corporative, good ideas, listen each other, patient, enjoy the assignment and completed it before the given time. Our weakness is sometimes we went off the topic during discussion.


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