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Trabalho Escolar: COMPARATIVES AND SUPERLATIVES: ADJECTIVES. Pesquise 794.000+ trabalhos acadêmicos

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Big, bigger, biggest; attractive, more attractive, most attractive

as big as, not so big as

How do you make comparison using short adjectives?

A Study these examples:

The Rhine is longer than the Thames. The Thames is not as long as Rhine.

Moscow is colder than London. London is not as cold as Moscow.

A gorilla is stronger than a man. A man is not as strong as a gorilla.

Now complete the following in the same way:

( warm ) A down jacket is _________________ A windbreaker is _______________

a windbreaker. a down jacket.

( small ) A humming-bird is ________________ A sparrow ____________________

a sparrow. a humming-bird.

( old ) Fred is ____________________ Tessa. Tessa is _________________ Fred.

( tall ) De Gaulle was ___________________ Churchill was _________________

Churchill. De Gaulle.

( cheap ) In Spain wine is __________________ In Spain Lemonade is __________

lemonade. __________ wine.

B Study these examples:

Spain is hot, but Morocco is hotter (than Spain).

Morumbi is a big stadium, but Maracanã is bigger than Morumbi.

Mary is nice, but Jane is nicer.

Now complete these adjective forms in the same way as the ones above:

hot __________ thin _________ nice __________ wise _________

big __________ wet _________ large _________ wide _________

fat __________ pure _________

Look at this table, then complete the sentences that follow it:


Area Average








Zimbabwe 4.100.000

4.900.000 752.614 km 2

390.580 km 2 26 - 37 º C

18 - 24 º C 70 – 125 cm

80 – 130 cm Lusaka




1 Zambia __________________________ Zimbabwe. (big)

2 The population of Zambia ___________________ the population in Zimbabwe. (large)

3 Zimbabwe ________________________ Zambia. (cool)

4 The climate in Zambia ________________________ the climate in Zimbabwe. (wet)

5 The capital of Zambia ____________________ the capital of Zimbabwe. (small)

6 Zambia ________________________ Zimbabwe. (dry)

7 Zimbabwe ___________________________ Zambia. (hot)

8 Harare is a ________________ city than Lusaka. (big)

SHEPHERD,J. ROSSNER,R. TAYLOR,J. WAYS TO GRAMMAR, London: Macmillan Publishers LTD, 1986.

How do you form comparatives and superlatives using longer adjectives?

A Study these examples:

The garden is more attractive than the house. The house is not as attractive as the garden.

A man may be more intelligent than an ape. An ape may not be as intelligent as a man.

A deck chair is more comfortable than the floor.The floor is not as comfortable as a deckchair.

Now complete the following in the same way:

( exciting ) I think soccer is ______________________________ chess. I think chess is

________________________________________________ soccer.

( interesting ) Paris is really _____________________________ Manchester. Manchester

is really _________________________________________ Paris.

(co-operative) Marie is ___________________________________ Brain. Brain is ______

_______________________________________ Marie.

( experienced ) The older teachers are ________________________________________ the

younger ones. The younger teachers are ____________________________

the older ones.

B Study these examples:


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