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Manual Cimbria

Trabalho Escolar: Manual Cimbria. Pesquise 860.000+ trabalhos acadêmicos

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1. Inlet

Optimal feed over the width of the machine is achieved by

a shaker feeder with stepless adjustment via frequency


2. Shaker Feeder

Ensures a uniform feeding on the entire width of the

machine also when cleaning difficult flowing products, i.e.

grass seed, in addition the shaker feeder also prevents the

product from flowing when the shaker feeder has stopped.

3. Adjustable feed gate

The feed gate will only be adjusted when the opening

needs to be bigger due to difficult flowing products, i.e.

grass seed.

4. Screens

(L x W = 800 x 400 mm) can be employed as sieves,

sorters or graders, and are effectively kept clean by rubber

balls in newly developed ball boxes. It is not necessary to

take out the ball boxes when changing screens.

5. Eccentric drive system for screen boat

Supplied standard with fixed speed or alternative with

manually operated variator. In addition the length of stroke

can be adjusted from 10-30 mm length.

Capacity based on 15% H2O: Grading 3-4 fraction

with 95% correct size in each grade

Wheat, Rye, Sorghum and Malted Barley 0.20 t/h

Oats, Maize, white Rice 0.10 t/h

Soya, Peas, Rape, Green Coffee 0.08 t/h

Paddy rice 0.08 t/h

Sunflower, roasted Coffee, Beet seed 0.06 t/h

Rye grass, clover 0.04 t/h


Machine height (without fan) 2085 mm

Machine length 1512 mm

Machine width 855 mm

Height, standard inlet hopper 325 mm

Screen area: 0.96 m²

Round outlet pipes:

a) from screens dia. 60 mm

Motors: (standard):

Screen 0.55 kW

Shaker feeder (integral) 0.55 kW

Air volume:

Presuction 300 m³/h

Total weight of cleaner: 550 kg

Freight volume 3 m³

Dynamic loading at 4.8 Hz:

PH= +/- 1300 N PV= +/- 900 N 10N = 1 kg


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