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The use of technology has impacted much on the lives of individuals and businesses, some use technological means to aggregate knowledge in the case of the Internet and other use in bad faith damaging the lives of others.

The advancement in technology has helped the growth of businesses and ease the lives of people.


The technological advances are ADVANTAGES:

- Easy communication for negotiation between countries. With the internet it is much easier and faster to negotiate with foreign companies.

- You can buy products over the Internet without leaving home, with comfort and convenience in researching prices without entering from store to store.

- The high technological standard machines offer superior quality products to end consumers.

- Speed ​​of information. Imagine you today having to send any document or information by letter? No way, so the e-mails, chats, social networks are on hand to ensure better speed on the information.

The DISADVANTAGES of technological advancement:

- The machines are replacing human labor, causing people to seek another qualification to stay in the labor market.

- Scams on the Internet with cloned cards.

- Virtual Friendships: some people are isolated from society only making virtual friendships and staying in this world.

- People who break into systems and machines to steal and damage personal and sensitive information. a law was done to punish this type of cybercrime.

- Vices in electronic games

- Social networks and internet can also impair the employee's performance is all the time connected to these networks.

Components of the group

Eusebio Grilo Vachia Sangolossi

Amandio Chissapa

Adriano Cesar


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