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This studying consists in a job continuation realized by Batista (2011), that constitute itself in showing a more didactic game for concepts learning in Production Engineering graduation. Therefore, we show in this studying, the results obtained after a Top Boat Game application in a finalist class of Production Engineering from the Amazon Federal Universities. As the nature, the researching classifies itself as applied, once it’s about a proposal and application of a game that makes easier the learning of concepts. From the standpoint of their objectives, it’s about a descriptive research, once it describes the results achieved after the application game.

Key words: Games, Production Engineering, Quality


The production engineer traditional teaching show itself as a efficient form of teaching, but not always leaves clear the applicability practice of the learning concepts. Thinking about this necessity, authors as Lacruz (2004), affirm that nowadays there is mechanisms pedagogical which allows a more adequate and efficient preparing of these professionals.

In your learning about strategies of teaching-learning, Bordenave and Pereira (2008), comment about the superior teaching deficiencies, considering relatives aspects to the teacher, the studying program, the methods, installations and teaching materials, the students, the evaluations form of learning and the institutional condition that affect the teaching. As related to the methods, the cited authors comment about the excessive employ of the lecture or expositive class, with very low participation of the students.

A methodological alternative which can be used for this discipline teaching is the company`s games, that by their dynamic character and interactive results in a practice learning, which several subjects can be worked with more agility and flexibility. The company’s games use by the teaching institutions has consolidated in the last years, being used by graduation and pos graduation.

Normally you can realize a good acceptance by students, because this teaching tool provides experiential learning, through relation between practice and theory. Many games wasn’t developed with specific purpose of teaching, but some areas requires more models, being necessary the research implementation for upgrading the companies games which allows expand the applicability.

The game proposed by Batista (2011), which on this paper will be called Top Boat, presents the Top Boat proposed by Pantaleão et. al. (2003) adapted with parameters established of productivity, quality and costs.

The present paper presents the principals Top Boat game contribution for Production Engineer graduation concepts learning of Amazon Federal Universities. Against the exposed, justify itself the realization paper relevance, once the superior teaching process of learning works mainly with adults students and this process is characterized by an action necessity and participation with emphasis as much in the process as in the contents


The game as any playful resource can support the learning, helping child, teenagers and adults building knowing, develop abilities and ethics behaviors. Macedo (2005, p.12) claim that “the playful dimension qualifies the school task”, however it only happens when the activities has being planned, organized and directed for this goal and used by the right way.

The games, when well conducted, propitiate the knowing build. Educational games create situations to improve the learning process child. (SCHWARZ, 2006)

Macedo (2005) emphasize that to play is a joke in a context of rules with an objective predefined.

The games, therefore, are cultural elements and can be used to propitiate other aspects of this culture, offering relevant contributions to the work in class. So, the games, when used right way in the school environment, support the contents learning.

It´s important that school subjects are developed according to several approaches and methodologies. Considering that people learns in a different ways, the school should be included, being attempt and trying to find out ways to make the learning process easier for the most students as possible. It means to invest in varied forms to develop the subjects. Some students learn better hearing an explanation, others need to write, others has a better understanding by images and others realizing practices activities.

Students which make or participate of games need to plan and direct their action, searching capable strategies to surpass challenges offered by the task. While group activities allow the classmate observation and


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