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Romanticism and the Beginning of the Novel

Resenha: Romanticism and the Beginning of the Novel. Pesquise 798.000+ trabalhos acadêmicos

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Literature (Chapter 4)

Romanticism and the Beginning of the Novel

- The constitution established the United States as a functioning democracy;

- Most citizens were farmers and owned their own land, in contrast to the system in old Europe where landless peasants labored on the states of nobles;

- The opportunity to become an independent landowner brought many immigrants to America from Europe;

- Growing population pushed farther and farther west = by the beginning of the 19th century, the great frontier movement of the United States had begun, increasing the wealth and size of the country;

- American culture flourished under the influence of Romanticism;

- the American mind felt great sympathy towards the Romanticism;

Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804 – 1864)

- Was born in New England, into an old and prominent family of the region;

- At the time of his birth, Puritanism no longer existed as a formal, organized religion. But its influence in moral and social practices remained very strong = interested him;

- Like his ancestors, he had the same sense of guilt, the same awareness of spiritual influences. However, he was not a man of rigorous faith. He was able to view critically and yet sensitively the whole Puritan phenomenon. This perception he very clearly and movingly expressed in his greatest novel: The Scarlet Letter.

Questions for Discussion

1 – Does the above scene show that Hester has been humiliated and weakened as a result of her period in prison and her punishment?

2 – Why has Hester made the scarlet letter in such an elaborate and fantastic manner?

3 – What strength and pride does Hester show?

4 – Does the author seem to be sympathetic to the character of Hester? What is his opinion of the Puritan moral code?

5 – Do you think Hester can prove a worthy mother?


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