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Trabalho De Inglês

Trabalho Escolar: Trabalho De Inglês. Pesquise 812.000+ trabalhos acadêmicos

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Karen: narradora

Renan, Lucia, Giselle e Carol: amigos

KAREN: Carol, Giselle, Renan and Lucia are best friends since the college time. They finished the college one year ago. Giselle and Carol are neighbors, so they she see each other everyday, Renan and Lucia are coworkers. The four friends don't meet since the college. Giselle and Carol decided to call Lucia and Renan to go out with them.

GISELLE: Carol, what do you think about calling Renan and Lucia and invite them to go out on saturday night?

CAROL: Yes, sure. That’s a good idea. There's so much time that we didn't see each other. We can watch " Jogos Vorazes " at the cinema.

GISELLE: Ok. So, I will call Lucia.

(The phone rings...)

LUCIA: Hello!

GISELLE: Hi Lucia, here is Giselle, how are you?

LUCIA: Hi, Giselle! I'm fine! How much time we didn't see! How are things going?

GISELLE: That's ok. Me and Carol want to watch “Jogos Vorazes” at the cinema. Would you like to go with us?

LUCIA: Cool! It has been a long that we don't go out.

GISELLE: Are you free on saturday 7:00 pm?

LUCIA: Yes, I am. I will talk to Renan now.

GISELLE: What do you think about Norte Shopping?

LUCIA: It will be great.

KAREN: Now, Lucia, will call Renan to invite him.

RENAN: Hello!

LUCIA: Hi, Renan! It's Lucia. Giselle called me to invite us to go out with her and Carol.

RENAN: Really? Nice! So, where are we going?

LUCIA: We’re going to the movies to watch " Jogos Vorazes " on the saturday at 7:00 pm at Norte Shopping. Is this good for you?

RENAN: Sure, see you on saturday.

KAREN: On saturday at 7:00 pm ...


CAROL: Guys, let's buy the tickets before it ends.

RENAN: And I will buy the popcorn and coke for us!

KAREN: They watched the movie, liked it, and remembered the old days of college.

CAROL: Well, it's late. Me and Giselle have to go home. But it was great to see you again.

LUCIA: I had a lot of fun. Let's do it more times!

RENAN: Great. We have to keep in touch!

KAREN: Everybody say goodbye and they go to their houses.



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