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The Newa Seven Wonders Of The World

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The news 7 wonders of world

As everybody knows, always existed a list about the wonders of the world, but this old list that everybody knows is about the monuments of the ancient world, and most of those monuments don’t exist anymore…

That was the first list and from it was created many others… about medieval wonders, natural wonders, even underwater wonders.

I’m going to talk about the newest list, called: The seven Wonders of the modern world, which was made through a competition between 200 monuments. It was an informal, popular and international competition that had more than a hundred million votes and started in 2000 during until 2007.

And the winners were:

Taj Majal: the major attribute is the love and passion in its history, because it was building at the behest of an emperor to his favorite wife. It’s located in Agras, India.

Petra: The major attribute is the engineering of the place, because it’s a medieval city rediscovery among rocks. It’s located in Jordanian.

Machu Picchu: The major attribute is the dedication of the native people, the Incas, which have lived and built this wonderful city on the top of mountains, beyond the style of life in communities there. It’s located in Cuzco, Peru.

Chichén Itzá: The major attribute is the knowledge of people who lived there, the Maya civilization. It’s an archaeological city that served as a political and financial center of the Mayan people. It’s located in Yucatán, Mexico.

Muralha da China: The major attribute is the structure of the monument and the persistence of the Chinese people to build a monument so large for protection. It’s located in China.

Coliseu: The major attribute is the architectural relevance and the cultural aspects in the history of the place remembered as happiness and suffering. It’s located in Rome, Italy.

Cristo Redentor: The major attribute is the meaning of welcome and openness of the monument. It’s located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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