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100 Palavras Mais Faladas Em Inglês

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A, an um, uma I have an idea!

About sobre, a respeito de What do you know about love?

After depois, após See you after the class.

Again de novo, novamente Let me try again!

All todo, toda, todos (as) Do you work all the week?

Almost quase We are almost there!

Also, too também Nice to meet you, too...

Always sempre I will always remember you.

And e She kissed her and walked away.

Any qualquer, nenhum Do you have any question?

Beautiful bonito (a) Your sister is very beautiful!

Because porque I bought it because I wanted.

Before antes, perante Come back before midnight, OK?

Big grande I want to buy a big ice cream...

Body corpo Sun lotion protects your body.

But mas, porém I’m sorry, but I think you’re wrong.

By por The book was translated by a well-known author.

City cidade What’s your favorite city?

Day dia Have a nice day!

Down para baixo Don’t look down!

Every todo, cada, toda Every love it the first one.

Everybody todo mundo, todos Everybody needs somebody.

Everyday todo dia Would you like to study every day?

Everything tudo Money isn’t everything. Want to bet?

Everywhere em todos os lugares Love is everywhere.

Far longe, distante Do you live far from here?

First primeiro (a) This is my first visit to Rio.

For por, para There’s a phone message for you.

Forever para sempre Families can be forever.

Friend amigo (a) That’s what friends are for!

From de (origem) Where are you from?

Good bom, boa It’s so good to see you after all this time!

Happy feliz Your daughter looks so happy.

He ele He couldn’t care less.

Her ela, dela I don’t know why she quit her job.

Here aqui I've lived here for about three years.

Him ele, dele Why don’t you forgive him?

His dele Have you seen his new girlfriend?

How como How are you doing?

I eu I love you.

If se If I were you, I would do the same!

In em I’ve got something in my eye.

Last último (a) What’s your last name?

Many muitos We have many reasons to celebrate.

Me mim, me Do you remember me?

More mais Listen more, and talk less!

Most o (a) mais, maioria Most of my friends study English.

Much muito Thank you very much.

My meu, minha Did you know my father?

Near perto, próximo Is there a bank near here?

Never nunca I’ve never been to the USA.

New novo (a) I need to buy a new car.

No, not não Please, don’t tell anybody.

Now agora Thanks, I’m not hungry now.

Of de Why did you change the color of your hair?

On no, na Do you go to church on Sundays?

Only apenas, somente I was only trying to help.

Or ou Are you listening to me or not?

Other outro, outra (s) When did


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