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Uma linda mulher - Trabalho de ingles

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Communicative Writing 1 -  Maria José Gordo


A fairy tale of the real world. This is the best way to define "Pretty Woman", a film that completed its 25th launch anniversary in 2015. Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts, nominated for an Oscar in 1991 for Best Actress) is a kind of Cinderella who finds her prince (the businessman played by Richard Gere) and undergoes a real transformation to become a thin and elegant woman. "Pretty Woman" is one of those films that is timeless and that retains its appeal to the public, year after year. This is a direct result of the charisma of the main actors double and the direction of Garry Marshall, who knew how to take advantage of the natural chemistry between Gere and Roberts, and learned to emphasize the main points of this, which is one of love stories more classic of American cinema.


With the initial proposal to act as a warning about prostitution class in Los Angeles, the film has been refurbished as a romantic comedy 1990, set in Los Angeles. "A beautiful woman" is about a tycoon lost in Los Angeles who hires a prostitute to accompany him on their social gatherings. Written by JF Lawton, directed by Garry Marshall, the movie stars Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, and features Hector Elizondo, Ralph Bellamy (in his final performance) and Jason Alexander in supporting roles. The film tells the classic story of impossible love between a high-class man and a prostitute. It has a relaxed narrative, with many humorous moments, as in the important dinner between Edward and "Morse" in which Vivian tries not to vexation, or when she says " I would have accepted for two thousand" and Edward replies that "pay for four thousand". Another great moment is when Vivian enters the limousine and is to face it shows a moment of pain and suffering (separation) . This scene is fatal and it was very well explored by director, who very competently managed fine performances of the romantic couple.

The script has some interesting phrases, such as dialogue on the kiss on the mouth, which reflect the time they both deliver the passion and forget the rules they created (“ I Do not kiss on the mouth"), says Vivian and  Edward replies: ( Me neither”).

Another attraction of the film was the soundtrack composed mainly songs It Must Have Been Love, the band Roxette and Oh, Pretty Woman Roy Orbison, among others,  who had great prominence and were later released on vinyl.


A Cinderella story in the present day that will win the hearts of all who attend this wonderful fantasy. Featuring a spectacular soundtrack, A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN is an irresistible romantic comedy that will leave you spellbound! Film that consolidated the resumption of Gere prestige, half-forgotten in the 80s, and gave birth to the brilliant star Roberts. The couple immediately created a rare and happy empathy with the public in this modern fairy tale.


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