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Business letter

256 Sunset Boulevard

Los Angeles, PA 57896

August 29, 2012

Bruce Jenner

6747 School of Engineer and Physics

Los Angeles, IN 67450

Dear Mr. Jenner:

The last time we met I did not have the opportunity to inform you that the problems with the chairs that you, Sir reported to us, Chairs&Co, is being fixed and we are going to send you the fixed and enhanced chairs for free because the ones that we send to your school Sir were broken.

After I received your letter informing us the problems that you, Sir, had with the lot of ours electric heated chairs, my company and I decided to analyze what was the cause of this horrific mistake. After a long time of analyses we discovered that the heating machine inside the foot of the chair had a manufacture defect and it is being fixed at the moment we speak. As soon as we have the fixed chairs in our possession, we promise to send you Sir the number of chair your school needs, without any cost, whatsoever.

Chairs&Co would like to apologize for this matter and to thank you Sir for the reasonable matter that you handled this situation. Chairs&Co hopes to send you the fixed chairs in September, therefore, we would like your understanding in this matter, and while we do not posses the chairs we will send you normal chairs, just for now.


Lamar Otum


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