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Modelo de perguntas e respostas questionário inglês de marketing

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Frequently asked questions

1 How does the service work?

Our goal is to connect professionals and Engineering companies through an online bank job.

We have an information Platform, where the candidate can check the status of the vacancies, prerequisites, description of the job that will be made and the name of the contracting companies. This way the candidates can send their resume to all the open vacancies with their profile and the hiring process will be performed by the contractor.

2 What will I have access after hiring a plan?

1- Access to the names of the contracting companies using our portal for you to apply to all vacancies posted to your profile.

2- Access to a quick guide resume enhancement to increase your chances to be among the first selected

3- Receive on your email an alert about vacancies on your profile

4- Have your resume indicated to the contracting companies

5- Exclusive plans of prepaid services where you only pay for the period of choice without commitments or bureaucracy.

3 Can I apply to as many vacancies as I like?

Yes. The candidate can apply to as many vacancies as he wishes to, as long as it is according to their profile and the acquired plan: Graduation and post graduation plans or Technical and trainee level plans.

Note: The Technical and trainee level plans do not offer access to vacancies that request full graduation.

4 Will I receive alerts about vacancies on my profile?

Yes. You will receive an email notification always that the companies open vacancies with your professional profile and working area.

5 How long will I have access to the services?

As the service is prepaid you will have access during the period related to the plan that you choose to purchase that may be monthly, quarterly or semiannual.

6 How does the pre payed plan works?

After the effectiveness of the registration to one of the three types of plan (monthly/ quarterly/ semiannual) access to the site will be granted allowing the candidate to use the services for the period related to the plan purchase.

This way, we do not make any recurring charges and it is not necessary to request the cancelation of the service. But in case you want to reactive the service, after the end of the period related to the plan purchase you just need to acquire a new plan whenever you like. Your data will be frozen on our system waiting for your reactivation.

7 Do I have to purchase a plan to compete to the vacancies?

Yes. By the time a candidate acquires a plan the system allows that he registry to the available vacancies and sees the name of the contracting companies, if it is not a confidential process. This way the process becomes cleaner and allows the professional to contact directly the contractor, in case it interests the company.

8 Is it necessary to fill all the information? Why?

Yes, the system provides several tools that work based on the information filled in by the candidate.

9 And the resume attached?

The attached resume is sent to the contracting company when the candidate applies to the vacancy although several companies choose to check the resumes through the site. So it is essential to fill in manually the resume on the SELEÇÃO ENGENHARIA website.

10 Is my plan automatically renewed?

No. The plans are


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