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Ingles verbo to be

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Book One - Lesson Two


EXERCISE 1: Complete the sentences. Use contractions. (pronoun +be).

  1. Sara is a student.  She’s in my class.
  2. Jim is a student. He's in my class.
  3. I have one brother. He's twenty years old.
  4. I have two sisters. They're students.
  5. I have a dictionary. It's on my desk.
  6. I like my classmates. It's friendly.
  7. I have three books. It's on my desk.
  8. My brother is twenty-six years old. He's married
  9. My sister is twenty-one years old. He's single.
  10. Yoko and Ali are students. They're_ in my class.
  11. I like my books. It's interesting.
  12. I like grammar. It's easy.

EXERCISE 2: Put am, is or are:

  1. The weather __is__ very nice today.                
  2. The dog is  asleep.                                            
  3. I am hot. Can I open the window?                        
  4. This castle are one thousand years old.         
  5. I am not very tired.                
  6. This bag is very heavy.                                                                            
  7. These bags are very heavy.        
  8. My brother and I am good tennis players.  
  9. Look!! There is Carol.
  10. Anna is at home but her children are at school
  11. I am student. My sister is an architect.

EXERCISE 3:  Write full sentences. Use am/ is/ are.

(My shoes very beautiful) My shoes are very beautiful.

  1. (My bed very comfortable)

My bed are very comfortable

  1. (I very happy today)                    

  I am very happy today

  1. (This restaurant very expensive)

This restaurant is very expensive

  1. (The shops open today)

The shops is open today

  1. (Mr. Kelly’s daughter six years old)

Mr. Kelly's daughter is six years old

  1. (The houses on this street very old)

The houses on this street are very old

  1. (The examination difficult)                      

 The examination is very difficult

  1. (Those flowers very beautiful)

Those flowers is very beautiful

EXERCISE 4: Write positive or negative sentences. Use am, is or are.


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