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Verbo to Be - adverbs

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  1. Change into negative.

  1. This is my city  >> This is not my city.
  2. I am happy   >> I am not Happy
  3. Hector is na Engineering student  >> Hector is not na Engineering student
  4. That is your notebook     >>That is not your notebook
  5. She is our Arts teacher    >>She is not Arts teacher
  6. Harry is our classmate     >>Harry is not classmate
  7. We are Reading lesson 3 >>We are not reading lesson.
  8. They are sad >> They are not Sad.
  9. Paul is in Peter’s class >> Paul is not in Peter's class.

  1. Circle the correct form


  1. This excursion (is/are) very nice
  2. (is/are) your friends Brazilian?
  3. Hillary and I (is/are) not from Bolivia
  4. (is/are) you 17 years old?
  5. Bart and Greg (is/are) not Brothers
  6. Mary (is/isn’t) Japanese. She is from Atlanta.
  7. All my friends (are/ aren’t) in town. They are on vacations.
  8. How old (is/are) you?
  9. Mr. And Mrs Green (are/ are not) parents. They have two children.
  10. She (is/ is not) my sister. She is just a friend.

  1. Give real information. Follow the exemple.

Exemple: My name is Robert.

                My name is not/isn’t Robert, my name is Vanessa.

  1. Today is very hot.      >> Today isn't hot, today is cold.
  2. My teacher is Jessica >> My teacher ins´t Jessica , my teacher is Vanessa.
  3. My school is in Rio de Janeiro    >> My school isn't in Guarulhos city.
  4. My classmates are in may house >> My classmates aren't in may house.My classmates are in this house.
  5. I am in my bedroom     >> I am not my bedroom.I am in my hall.
  6. I am good at languages >> I am not good at languages.I am good mathematic.
  7. My mother is a teacher >> My mother isn't a teacher.My mother is ousewives.
  8. My favorite cole is black.  >> My favorite cole ins't black.My favorite cole is red.
  9. My friends are at the restaurant now.  >> My friends are not restaurant.My friends are in house.
  10. I’m the teacher.>> I am not teacher.My teacher is Vanessa.
  11. We are at school in the morning. >> We are not at school in the morning.We are at school in the night.
  12. My favorite food is fish.>> My favorite food isn't fish.My favorite food is spaghetti
  13. My friends are not nice partners. >>My friends are nice partners.
  14. English is a difficult language.>>Enghish isn't a dificult language.Portuguese is dificult language.
  15. We are on lesson 10. >> We aren´t on lesson 10.We are on lesson 2.

  1. Circle the correct verb
  1. Hellen (was/were) born in September
  2. (was/were) you at the office yesterday?
  3. No, Debby and I (wasn’t/ weren’t) at home last night
  4. My friends (was/were) at the beach last weekend
  5. I with Katy. I (was/were) with Diana.
  6. Where (was/were) the children yesterday?
  7. I (was/were) at home. I was studying.  
  8. My parentes and you (was/were) in the kitchen, preparing dinner.
  9. My pets (was/were) taken to a vet last Saturday.
  10. I (wasn’t/ weren’t) home Saturday night
  11. My Family (was/were) with me.
  12. Paul Johnson (wasn’t/ weren’t) at the party.  
  1. Complete these dialogs with the past the verb to be

John: Were you in New York in December?

Bill: No, I was. I was in  Washington.

John: Where you there for several days?

Bill: Yes, I was. I was there on vacation.

John:Was your girlfriend with you?

Bill: Yes, she was.

Sam: What day was yesterday?

Mike: It  was Monday.

Sam: Was in the 3rd of May?

Mike: No, it was. I was the 2nd. Today is the 3rd.

  1. Give real information.


  1. Was yesterday Tuesday?  >> No, Was yesterday friday.
  2. Was it raining?                 >> No, was isn't raining.
  3. Were you at school last night?       >>No, I am at house last night.
  4. Were you on vacation last month? >>Was I working last month.
  5. Was your best friend with you yesterday? >>No I was with the family.
  6. Were you born in April? >> No, I born in july.
  7. Were you at home Saturday night? >>  Yes, I was at home Saturday night.
  8. Were you and your parentes watching TV? >> No, I was with  the family watching TV.
  9. Was your cousin in your house last weekend? >> No, was he my son.
  10. Were you at your Grandparents’ last Sunday? >> No, I am not was.
  11. Was your mother birthday last week? >>No, My mother  is not present.
  12. Were you at work yesterday? >>No, I was in house.
  13. Was your teacher at the club last weekend?  >> No, my teacher not is present.

  1. Complete with the correct formo f verb To Be: Affirmative, Interrogative or Negative forms.

  1. Francês and Jeremy are in my class. They are in Kelly’s class.
  2. Is here Jason here?
  3. Mandy is not at school. She was at the club.
  4. were you Phillip? No, I am not Phillip. I am Paul.
  5. I  am a beautiful day!
  6. Where were Tony and Rita?
  7. We are not  in class. We are  in the cafeteria.
  8. Is  she the English teacher?
  9. They are not at the library. They are in the gym.
  10. I am not  at school now, doing my homework and studying English.
  11. Mary helen is at work. She is at her grandparents’.
  12. Is  he your boyfriend? No, he is my friend.
  13. They are  in the same room.
  14. Is junior at the bank? No, he is at the supermarket.
  15. Peter and John are scientists. They are doctors.
  16. Is this man form the USA? No, he is form Germany.
  17. Is  this a good chinese restaurant?


  1. Change into questions. Follow the exemple.

Exemple: They are my friends.

                        Are they my friends?


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