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The best ways to annoy your teachers

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The best day I had on my vacation

My best day of vacation was a trip to the beach together with my family to Pernambuco, Brazil. On this trip I had one of the best experiences of my life. What made this one of the best trips was by being with my family in this wonderful place. I don’t remember another place that was that I had a lot of fun and tried new things. On this trip to Pernambuco it was my first time that I dived on the high seas and it was a day full of emotions.

I can remember how excited I was to do this. First, I met with the instructor, so he would teach me the commands that are used underwater and what to do in each case. At the same time there was another woman learning to go diving too and as soon as we finished the lesson we went to get the equipment to go into the water. After entering the water began the long dreamed adventure.

There I was, the woman and the teacher diving eight meters deep knowing fish and observing everything that was possible. It is a sight and an inexplicable, wonderful experience. When suddenly the woman's diving glasses start getting water and she cannot withdraw through the learned procedure. Because of this she had to go with the teacher to the surface and I was alone down there. A little scared but loving at the same time.

Finally, the woman managed to remove water from her glasses and we went back to explore the area with the teacher but unfortunately the oxygen time of the cylinder was coming to an end and for safety's sake we had to go back to the surface. It was the best day of all for me and I plan to one day do it again.

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