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Be Prepared For An Interview

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Be Prepared for an Interview

1. Read the questions and answer them according to your professional background and skills

2. Send it back to your teacher for analysis and feedback

3. Take a job interview with your teacher

Most Common Questions in a job interview

A - Thank you for coming today, we certainty appreciated. Did you find us ok?

B - Yeah Mr./Mrs. Thank you for having me

A - If you can, tell me a little bit about yourself that would be great

B - Interviewer wants to find out why are you special, why should they hire you

Tips: Don’t give more than 1 minute as answer – talk about 3 points

• professional background

• how can you help the company

• why will be successful (don’t talk about personally)

A – What are you great strengths?

B – You can take it from your education, experiences and skills and character traits

A – What’s your greatest weakness?

B – Be honest and realistic, they want you to identify and know where you are and have a plan to address it.

A – Why are you interested in working here?

B – They are looking for individuals who have enthusiasm and passion for work in their company. Be excited about the opportunity

• Show passion and dedication

• Prove your skills are suited to job

A - Why should I hire you?

B – This is the open opportunity to say why I am the one to be hired – Take advantage on this question

• Sell your skills and education background and strengths

A - Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

B – They expected people come in, step in up and fixing their opportunity. They don’t want people come in, training them and they go off to another employer.

• Show dedication

• Show interesting in building career in their company

A - What are some of your hobbies?

B – They want people well rounded, not people that are focused solely on the job, they believe a well-balanced person can


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