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Planning An Individual Lesson Or A Sequence Of Lessons

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When we are planning an individual lesson, there are some important details thet we need to consider; the

main aim of this lesson, subsidiary aims, timing, procedures, students' profile, materials that we'll need,

etc. This individual lesson planning, as it was said in unit 20, is important to support teachers to predict

problems and find possible solutions to them. Another important thing is that when we plan an individual

lesson, we can notice which procedures fit our students best. Planning helps teacher to choose the right

activities that involves students and, as a result students will produce what was planed.

When we are planning a sequence of lessons we need to think about not only the best way to cover the

syllabus but also how lessons will be linked to each other. Doing a scheme of work also helps us to inclue

enough variety of activities in the lessons in order not to make students bored. The most diversified

lessons are the most students are motivated. We can plan a scheme with full of details, but sometimes it is

difficult to change. A broad scheme doesn't give us reminders of aim. The best way to plan a scheme is

when it give us some details but leaves us free to add something.

To conclude, planning a sequence of lessons is not as detailed as planning individual lessons but both are

important to learning and teaching process.


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