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How To Write In English

Ensaios: How To Write In English. Pesquise 800.000+ trabalhos acadêmicos

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Cae Writing paper

ESSAY: layout: + - 4 paragraphs.

Style: formal, so:

- no contractions, idioms, phrasal verbs;

- avoid using the first person (singular);

- use the passive voice or participle clauses as much as possible;

- use LINKING WORDS, it’s essential.

- justify your ideas with examples.

- include a clear introduction and conclusion.

- depending on the task, either present both sides of the argument or support a single argument.

Useful expressions to introduce arguments/points

Generally speaking...

There is no doubt that…

There are many advantages to +“ing”

It is a well-known fact that…

It is thought/believed/claimed that…

One point of view is…

Another argument is…

Far from + “ing”

There are those/people who believe that…

On the other hand... | In contrast with...

Contrary to the above ideas... | On the contrary... | Others feel/argue that...

Discourse markers:

Firstly,| secondly,

In addition,(to this,)| Furthermore,| Moreover,| What is more

However | Therefore |Henceforth | Hence | In spite of + “ing”| Despite + “ing”| Nonetheless, | Although |Since | As | nevertheless

Owing to| Due to | Another point worth mentioning is…

All the while| In the meantime | Regardless of…

As a matter of fact | As a consequence

All in all | On the whole | Taking everything into account/consideration | My belief is that...

INFORMAL LETTER: friendly tone

Dear .... | Hi, ... | Hello, ... | Hey, ...

Beginning: Lovely to hear from you (after so long) | Thanks (a lot) for the letter | It was great to get your letter | Sorry for not writing for so long | Sorry for not being in touch for so long

Persuading: You’d get so much out of it |It’d be a wonderful/marvellous opportunity for you to|

Just think of all the people you’d meet | Just imagine how it would (improve your CV), not to mention (the money you could earn)

Cae Writing paper

Advising: whatever you do, make sure you... | It’s (not) worth | I’d / I wouldn’t ... if I were you

You’d be much better off + gerund

Ending: Write me back ASAP/ as soon as possible | Please reply quickly | Can’t wait to see you again.

Signing off: All the best | Best Wishes | All my love| Love

FORMAL LETTER: impersonal tone

Dear Sir/ Madam (when you don’t know the name).

Dear Mr

Dear Mrs (married) | Miss (single) | Ms (married or single; unknown)

To whom it may concern

Reasons for writing this letter (who I am, what I want, when/where sth happened)

I am writing with regard/reference to ... (the article which appeared when/where) to express my concern about / disappointment with / disaproval of

Body: points from input material

Firstly| To begin with | Moreover

In fact | Furthermore | In addition | Finally

I must also (dis)agree with...

I would like to point out that...

According to your (article)... | Your (article) states that... | However...

Action Step/ Desired outcome

I trust / hope you will

I would appreciate it / be grateful if you would... (print this letter in the next issue of your newspaper)

I look foward to receiving/ seeing

In light of the above ( I feel I am entitled to a full refund/ formal apology)

Signing off

Yours faithfull , (when you don’t know the person)

Yours sincerely,

Types of formal letters

Letter of complaint : depends on rubrik; mention all aspects in input material; demand action to be taken

Letter of recommendation: mention in what capacity you write, how long you have known the person, in what capacity; stress character features that seem relevant for the position they have applied for; often headed by : To whom it may concern unless you know exactly who you are writing to;

Letter in response to an article: mention all points from the input material, disprove criticsim, allow for some mistakes/imperfections but show they will not be repeated or were compensated by others;

Cae Writing paper

Letter of application: make sure you mention where you saw the position advertised; state your current position, your relevant professional /occupational experience, your education, your relevant personal features; offer to provide further info and attend intervies, give data of contact

REPORT/ PROPOSALS - Layout: Subheadings ; (optional) From: | To:

Register: formal, impersonal tone. (NO CONTRACTIONS)

Report – backward looking


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