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FisioterapiaIntroduction: The Increased Incidence Of Breast Cancer In Recent Decades Has Been Accompanied By An Increase In The Frequency Of Metabolic Syndrome . The Quality Of Life In Obese Women Is Compromised Due To Impairment In Physical And Psychosoc

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Introduction: The increased incidence of breast cancer in recent decades has been accompanied by an increase in the frequency of metabolic syndrome . The quality of life in obese women is compromised due to impairment in physical and psychosocial functioning in addition to increased risk of morbidity and mortality associated with excess body fat . Early detection of breast cancer is a major breakthrough in the treatment , the number of survivor growth and increasing importance attributed to psychosocial factors has led to greater emphasis to quality of life for people with breast cancer. This research aimed to examine the impact of obesity on quality of life of women with breast cancer. Methods : This study is an observational analysis. The sample consisted of 30 women participating NGO live better , 15 women with breast cancer and 15 obese with non-obese breast cancer . The assessment instruments were : Questionnaire characterization ; questionnaire quality of life European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer ( EORTC ) QLQ - 30 and BR -23 . Results: The analysis of the questionnaires , we observed a statistically significant difference in the weight , Body Mass Index , completion time of treatment and greater weight. In the questionnaire EORT BR -23 , it was observed that obese women compared to nonobese show more concern about future health. In the EORTC 30 showed no statistically significant difference both groups are homogeneous . Conclusion : It was concluded that the fact of being obese and having had breast cancer does not affect the quality of life .

Key Words : Breast Cancer, Obesity , Quality of life


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