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unit 2: media studies

The laws regarding privacy in Canada

In Canada, privacy is defined by two federal laws:

- Privacy Act (1983) how government can collect, use and disclose our personal information. This act was last amended on July 30, 2015.

- *Personal information* protection and Electronic Documents Act (2000) how companies can collect, use or disclose information about us. This act was last amended on June 30, 2015.

- Canada has a privacy commissioner who looks after these issues.

10 tips to protect your privacy online: edmodo

tip #1: Think before you share

- the web connects us and allows us to share in ways that have never before been possible. We can reach friends near and far with just a click.

- but what you share and who you share it with can end up saying a lot about you.

tip #2: Protect Your Stuff

- most of us have things on the web that we want to keep safe. One of the best ways to keep those things safe is to make sure that you have set strong passwords on your accounts.

- strong passwords are really important. They safeguard your information online. Like the key to your house or the combination to your locker — they protect things that are of value to you

- and once a strong password has been created, it should not be shared with anyone.

- protecting your stuff also means locking devices and your screens. Leaving screens open to anyone means losing your phone or lending it to others, could result in unwanted account hacking.

tip #3: Know and Use your Settings

tip #4: Avoid Scams

- Know how to identify

tip #5: be positive

- being positive on the web means that you should only post something if you wouldn’t mind that someone did it to you

social media can be problematic for many reasons.

- it can serve as a distraction from real life

- it can isolate us

- it can effect negatively - both personal and professionally

- it can provide companies and others with information we might prefer they don’t have

- it wastes precious time



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