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Elements of group No. 1

Nº 06 Analdith Catumbela

Nº 07 Ana de Jesus Izata

Nº 13 Benjamin Cristino

Nº 20 Eliseu da Costa Manaça Joaquim

Nº 28 Eurico Calei Domingos Sangueve

Nº 39 Lourenço Txitxi Helena

Nº 48 Mariana Lino Manuel

Republic of Angola

Ministry of planning and construction

Geographic institute cadastral Angola (IGCA)

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Er class

Class 11th






Introduction --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1

Definition of racism ------------------------------------------------------------ 2

Ways to avoid racism ---------------------------------------------------------- 3

Different types of racism ----------------------------------------------------- 4

Origin of racist ------------------------------------------------------------------ 5

Conclusion ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 6

Biography ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7


Throughout this paper we will talk about racism, ways to avoid it, which leads racism among other things.

The reason I chose this topic is because we think that racism today in the XXI century, there is still a lot of racism between races and peoples. After this work, we hope to get to know about this vast topic, we learn to know and give people ways to avoid racism.


What is racism?

Racism is the way of thinking in which the great importance to the notion of the existence of separate human races and superior to each other. Where there is a belief that some individuals and their physical relationship between hereditary and certain traits of character and intelligence, or cultural, are superior to another.

Racism is not a scientific theory, but a set of preconceived opinions where the primary function is to enhance the biological differences between humans, which some believe to be superior to others according to their racial matrix.

Origin of racism

It is not known when and where racism was born. Racism exists in all countries and all peoples, which makes the field too long and hard to find its origins. Probably existed since the appearance of man.

The word racism originated Latin "ratio" means species.

(Racism = race + ism)

Main victims of racism

• Immigrants, mostly in Africa and Asia;

• People of


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