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Writing an email

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Writing an email

Dear Mr John and Mrs Mary,

I am so happy to accept your offer of accommodation. Yesterday, I received your approving email and since then I am very anxious about to travel to New York. I am a good student and one of my dreams it was to travel to New York and improve my English skills. However, my family does not have much money. So I have always thought that this dream would never come true. I hope you like me and we could to turned up good friends.

See you soon.


Brazil – a lot of beautiful places to you know

Brazil is one of the biggest countries of the world. It is located in South America. It has borders with ten of twelve countries of South America. Many years ago, Brazil was ruled by a king. However, in 1822 occurred its independence. Today Brazil lives a democracy. Brazil has good natural resources, such as water and iron. Farming, industry production and tourism are important areas to its economy. Although the capital of Brazil has been Brasilia, the cities most known are Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The city of Rio de Janeiro is famous around the world. Many tourists come to the city to visit places such as statue of Christ, bread of sugar (which is a hill that people go up by cable car) and its beautiful beaches. However there are many other beautiful cities in Brazil to know like Fortaleza, Recife, Manaus and Curitiba. Fortaleza and Recife, for example, has many beautiful beaches. Manaus has the biggest rainforest of the world (the amazon forest) and Curitiba is like a piece of Europe in Brazil. So wherever you go in Brazil you find beautiful places to know.

My weekend story

I had a great weekend. I went to the white hill beach. I had never gone to this place. I enjoyed so much. It is a calm and beautiful place. There were no many people like other beaches in Fortaleza. The sand is very clean and some craftsman put it on a bottle and makes drawings. I went to the famous cliffs and they are really wonderful. So I liked so much this day.


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