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A Especialização em Programa de Saúde da Família"

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The Unified Health System has in its principles and goals the connection with the proposal of Humanization and Reception. With this, the research carried out on the theme proposed for this work of course completion, aims to expose the practices of Health Professionals regarding humanization and reception, targeting the opinion of the population that uses this work in Basic Units of Family Health.

This study has a qualitative content, where it describes through the exploration of the opinions of users belonging to the area and micro-areas of action of the Basic Health Unit of Amaral, located in the Municipality of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim - ES. The interviewees were reporting through questionnaires in an interview by the researcher himself and acting as a nursing professional of the Family Health Unit in the third quarter of 2018. The content of the interviews was analyzed and classified in the respective categories so that it could be evaluated and consider the main points that objected to this research.

The experiences presented here about the host, the basic theme of this course completion work, in relation to other means of care without the care of the host that are provided in the Basic Units of Family Health, were considered positive in terms of satisfaction, since the attention and the interest of the professionals of this system, combined with the agility differs from the attendance of other services that do not have the reception process. The interviewees were exposed to the difference in reception and their ability to solve and finalize processes, simplifying and streamlining the procedures, where they showed great satisfaction in the demands of care and the answers are satisfactory in relation to their questions, thus bringing them relief and sensation well-attended and valued. The work becomes in their eyes well organized, with shorter waiting times, faster access and organization, decreased queues and waiting time was well commented and praised by the interviewees.

It is concluded that the services rendered and understood are that they met the aspirations of the society for the agility to the consultations and also the examinations, as well as the convenience of having a care close to the comfort of their homes, not counting the decrease of daughters and the waiting time to be attended to. All respondents agreed that the ESF team has the ability to prioritize, thus making them reliable due to the host.

Key words: Acolhimento, Primary Health Care, Access to Health Services.


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