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Why is it Important to learn English?

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It is important to learn English because:

It is the Language of Business.

It is the Language of Technology.

It is the Language of Tourism.

It is the language of Science.

It is the Language that used in the air and sea communication.

English is one of the most speaker language in the world.Every day people study English in their homes or in free time.

In my English Course I learn about English Alphabet,Verbs in Simple Present Tense like as such “to read,to go,to wash,to live” and so on.

For examples:I go to school in my car every day.

Mary goes to the hospital every night.

John goes to his work every day.

In this situation the verb “goes” received “es” because substantive “John” makes part of singular third person.

Now we are going to see a text with some Simple present verbs.

My name is John.I am John walker.I am Engineer Computer.I was born in Boston.Now I live in United States.I am married man.I have two children.Their names are Sophie and Talles.My wife´s name is Eliete.She is a Famous Singer.She is Brazilian.She is from Minas Gerais.We are very happy family.I love my family.I can´t live without it in my life.My daughter Sophie is 9 years old and Talles is 15 years old.Sophie is intelligent, polite and funny. She always say that when she grow up,she pretends to be a Doctor.She will be Pediatrician.

She like to carry children.She loves them.

Talles pretends to be a famous Footbal Player.

He is very intelligent and polite.He always play football in club with his friends.He likes football a lot.He has got already 2 medals in championship.I always give advice to my children about life.After all to live in this world is not easy,with so many problems we find in it.Every night when I arrived in my home we talk about our day.We have dinner together,we watch telivison and afters this we go to the bed because we need to rest.So in the next day we woke up very early.We had breakfast together and after that my children go to school.My wife stay at home carring it.And I am going to my work and came back at night.


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