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O Impacto do Inglês para o Curso de Física

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Inocêncio Domingos José Sicome

The Impact of having English in Physics course

(Bachelor's Degree in Physics Teaching)

Pedagogic University



The Impact of having English in Physics course

Lately the use of English has dominated the world; because of this the impact of English is beginning to emerge not only in the course more as a second language.

English is nowadays regarded as the universal language, whether at the time of traveling, when it comes to working, and securing its place in a university abroad, English is the language chosen for most of these processes.

With the phenomenon of the growing globalization of the world and the consequent need for an efficient language of communication has made the English language fundamental today throughout the world and for these reasons it is very important to have English in the physics course.

In contrast to the physics course, English is extremely important since today most of the discoveries and some experiments are published in English, the divulging sites are English, in this context if you do not have adequate English knowledge, you will only receive results from limited searches and will only earn half the knowledge as the most used language on the internet, accounting for more than half of all websites. There are estimates that most of the world's scientific publications are in English.

The information area is focused on technological procedures that are globalized, and this is the main reason why all the work of these professionals is in English.

With the knowledge of English, even being basic, they have become fundamental for those who want to have access there are various information that you want.

The English language enables the student to identify universally used symbols and phrases. With the process of globalization and exchanges of knowledge of university students, English becomes essential for its insertion in developed and underdeveloped countries.

We can say that the English language is very useful, because with it you can also read international books not published in Portuguese and this will increase the level of your knowledge.

On the other hand it is known that in the universe there are several people in the world who are related to the Bachelor's degree in Physics teaching with a good knowledge of English with great communication skills can allow you to share several manuals and some information with several people of various places or countries, (since they are in the same course) in order to increase their knowledge.


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