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Lesson Plan Kids

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TEACHING POINT:  CNA Kids 1, Unit 7 – Act. 5 to 10

COMMUNICATIVE GOALS: by the end of this lesson, students will be better able to identify the letters of the alphabet and to spell names.

ENABLING GOALS: Lexis – first name, last name

                                  Grammar – his, her, their


MATERIALS: book, board, canva, flip the coin (google)


[pic 1]

[pic 2]







Act. 5 – Speak up

Books open. Divide students in two teams. Ask team A to go to page 123. Ask team B to go to page 124.

Tell students to look at the pictures on their pages. One student from team A asks the name of one person in the pictures of team B. Students take turns asking questions to the other team.

Divide students in two teams. One student from team A chooses a number and asks the name of the person in the picture of team B. Students take turns asking questions to the other team.

Use the model dialogue on canva’s slides

Team A: Number #. What is his/her name?

Team B: His/Her name is ____.

Team A: How do you spell it?

Team B: It’s _____.


  • Is it used for boys or girls? (BOYS)


Is it used for boys or girls? (GIRLS)

P: students may not remember the alphabet.

S: do a quick recap with them before the exercise.




Act. 6 – Look, listen, and repeat.

Books closed. Write your full name on the board and point to your first and last name. Talk about first and last names with your students.

Ask students their first and last name.

Open the canva’s link to show the difference between his, her, and their. Them show the dialogue and ask them to repeat it after you.






Act. 7 – Look, listen, and number.

Books open. Tell students they will listen to the audio twice. The first time, they should number the pictures in the correct order. The second time, they should write the people’s first and last names. Stop the audio when necessary.




Act. 8 – Listen, stick, and complete.

Books open. Tell students to detach the stickers for act.8.

Explain that they need to pay attention to the audio and stick the stickers in the correct places. Play the audio for the second time and tell them to complete the names under the stickers.






Act. 9 – Movie time.

Books open. Tell students they are going to watch a movie and should check the correct names in their books.

Play the movie twice if necessary.




Act. 10 – Game.

Books open. Search for flip a coin on google. Heads is worth one point and tails two points.

Explain that students will play a game. The teacher will flip the virtual coin on google to move students’ counters along the board. When student lands on a picture, they should answer the person’s (or people’s) first and last name and how to spell them.

If the answers are correct, the student can stay where he/she is. If they are wrong, the student should return to the previous position he/she was on.

Teacher: What is his/her first/last name?

Student answer.

Teacher: How do you spell it?

Student answer.


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