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A Critical To The A-historical Conception In Cognitivism From Jean Piaget.

Artigo: A Critical To The A-historical Conception In Cognitivism From Jean Piaget.. Pesquise 793.000+ trabalhos acadêmicos

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The need for an epistemological dimension on the Human can be found both in the work of Jean Piaget (1896-1980) as in the work of Liev Vigotsky.

My work wishes to demonstrate Piaget `s a-historical positioning when facing the object of study of psychology- counsciousness.

To demonstrate this much i`ll disclose the results of an experimental study. The sample was made up of five groups of adults. Each group has sixteen individuals, aged between 30-45 years old and with common academic qualification: illiterates; adults with the 4th grade; adults with the 9th grade; adults with 12th grade; and graduated adults.

Piaget`s experimental clinical model was adopted and four of his tests were ths used: Class Inclusion Test (Piaget & Szeminska, 1941); Test of Co-Possibilities (Piaget, 1981); Pendulum Test ( Inhelder, Piaget, 1955-1958) and Transference of n Elements Test (Piaget, 1974).

Piaget’s perspective is often compared to that of Lev Vygotsky, since both authors acknowledge the active role of children in the construction of knowledge. However, they differ in that, unlike Piaget, Vygotsky defended that the assimilation of new information does not have to wait for an appropriate level of development but must, on the contrary, produce it through instruction, cooperation between teacher and student providing the ripening of higher psychological functions. The present research presents proof that school instruction is instrumental in ripening these.


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