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Estudo de caso sobre empresas de delivery

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Bachelor of Business


April 2019


Module Title:                Academic Writing        

Module Code:                BB4FT        

Assessment Type:                Individual Project

Weighting:                        100%

Maximal Possible Mark:        100 marks

Submission Date:                April 2019        

For this Assignment complete the following:

  • Choose a Company operating in Ireland to examine for the purpose of this Assignment.
  • Discuss the following statement with regards to a specific department in the chosen Company (e.g. Marketing department, Customer Service department):

How are Information Systems transforming the Business world? Consider the Advantages and Challenges of Information Systems in Global Business today. Discuss the impact of Information systems on the chosen department.

  • Write a Research Report with 1800 words excluding the Bibliography and appendices.
  • The font should be Times New Roman 12 with double spacing.
  • The Assignment will examine your ability to produce a well-researched Report, with evidence of building an argument, and critical analyses of the relevant information.
  •  Your final version of your Report must show evidence of citing and referencing in accordance with the Harvard Referencing System.
  • Please adhere to academic writing style and structure.
  • You must submit a draft version of your final report (minimum 900 words) on the  7th of March 2019.
  • You must submit a hardcopy in class on the due date and through Moodle and Turnitin.
  • No grade for assignments received more than two weeks after deadline.


This is an individual assignment; any student found plagiarising as defined by the institute regulations will fail the whole coursework assignment. You are expected to do your own work.  


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